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Let It Die Hungry (The Operating System, 2016)

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The Letter All Your Friends Have Written You (Well&Often, 2012)

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the wolf & me (2010)

recent poems

Feeling New Agey - [PANK] (forthcoming)
Jealous Nature - Hooligan (2019)
Here is a Sculpture of a Bird: Write about it. - Glass, Poets Resist series (2019)
Trapping - Territory (2017)
Loving the Enemy Split This Rock Poem of the Week (2017)* nominated for Best of the Net
The Visiting Room - Narrative Magazine (2017)* finalist in Narrative’s 8th annual poetry contest
Two Days Later -  Resist Much/Obey Little: Inaugural Poems to the Resistance (2017)
Praise Poem - VerseDaily (2017), originally published in Day One (2015)
Following Faye - Bust Magazine (2016)
Two Poems - Public Pool (2016)
Mostly Water - Adroit (2016)
13 Hours in the Future - Split This Rock Poem of the Week (2016)
ShapeShifting - Promethean Journal (2016)

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comix & illustration



How I Got Out: A Self Help Comic
[PANK] Health & Healing Folio (2019)

The Day We Turned Into Rainbows
Gigantic Sequins, Issue 10.2 (2019)

You Can’t Have It All
The Normal School (2019)

Illustration for Dead Rabbits Books,
get the tee-shirt here! (2019)

DREAMS: A Pep Talk For Couples
The Rumpus Spotlight (2018)

Illustration for James Anderson’s Sophia,
Illustrated PEN (2018)

Homegirl Manifesto,
The Operating System (2017)

Excerpt from Conversation,
Tricycle Magazine’s Trike Daily (2016)

Illustration for Sarah Blake’s Starship,
Berfois (2015)

recent essays & fiction, etc.

What Incarcerated Writers Want the Literary Community to Understand (essay)
Literary Hub (2019)

Shallow Water (flash fiction)

Tiger Lily Wants to Know About Freedom (essay)
The Fourth River (2019)

Embedded mini-essay within Randall Horton’s
The Silent Ones: Missing Women’s Voices From the Inside
Harriet Blog, POETRY Foundation (2018)

Want to write fiction in US prisons? It might be censored on 'security grounds' (opEd)
The Guardian (2018)

Just Dangerous Enough (essay)
VIDA, Reports From the Field (2017)

A Year in the Life of a Teaching Artist (essay series)
Chronicles from The Humans That We Are Prison Poetry Tour
featured across 4 issues of peer-reviewed Teaching Artist Journal (2017)

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