The Letter All Your Friends Have Written You (Well&Often, 2012), Co-Authored with Tishon 


Caits Meissner and Tishon are two writers living in New York City. The Letter All Your Friends Have Written You marks their first collaborative book. The poems in the collection explore a range of experience and emotion, mingling classic themes of love and war with ruminations on mixtapes, basketball and growing up with The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. [Book is sold out/unavailable for purchase.]

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kind words:

"Like two birds in flight, their patterns are varied, their wingspans diverse, yet the tempo between these two poets is an opera... [a] whole the orchestra of shared experiences... [the melody] is your childhood, your adolescence, your early twenties, your failed relationships, your personal shortcomings… they become every experience that has shaped you into who you are. Tishon and Caits are your friends, my friends, our friends, and this is a letter I’m so thrilled to have received."

PANK magazine

“If you want to see the world we live in in all its burgeoning admixtures of rhythm, soul and space, and if you want to see what good promise there is for the future, read this book. Caits and Tishon have built an anthem to the present in strong, perceptive poems that remind us, in the face of all the news to the contrary, that we are alive, well, alert, and loving.” 

Roger Mitchell, author of Lemon Peeled the Moment Before

The Letter All Your Friends Have Written You is a collection of hope and wreckage. Forgiveness and regret. This book makes noise. Where Meissner calls back to Lucille Clifton questioning 'those pretty faced devil girls' and the 'hurt and sex and slaughter and love and guilt,' Tishon answers with hope, 'an appreciation of things/skinless, bold and wholly alive.' Can you hear the ruckus? Witness Tishon winking at God, Meissner searching for first vices -- you will want to to test every word on your own tongue. This is a book of hard living and sacred holders of the earth. It is a book of unstoppable gifts.”

Jeanann Verlee, author of Said the Manic to the Muse

"These are poets who understand that nothing is ordinary to the artist, that while lost love and strawberries and goldfish and a sustained musical note have different physical weight, all have a grace and a grit and a perfection simply by existing, simply by being noticed. These poems not only notice, but note and annotate and explode, and we and the world are more glorious for it."

Marty McConnell, author of when they say you can't go home again, what they mean is you were never there

“Such magnificent taste and texture and feeling.”

— Used Furniture Review

"After reading The Letter All Your Friends Have Written You I want to raise the window and scream I love you."

Craig Grant, AKA muMs, poet and actor