project: who makes bail?

In the fall and winter of 2017, CUP collaborated with Teaching Artist Caits Meissner and public high school students from the Bronx School for Law, Government and Justice (LGJ) to investigate these questions. Students surveyed members of the school community, interviewed key stakeholders working on the issue, and sat in on public arraignments in Bronx Criminal Court. The crew created Who Makes Bail? to teach others about NYC’s bail system, how it works, and how it could work differently. Written by Caits Meissner and Fielding Hong. Designed by Caits Meissner. Interviews and illustrations by students at LGJ.

Download the PDF for free, or buy a physical copy for $5 here.

project: dances for solidarity

A zine illustrating the 10 steps of a dance choreographed by Sarah Dahnke for people in long term solitary confinement for Dances for Solidarity, an ongoing project that exists in several realms simultaneously: It is an ongoing performance of the same 10-step dance sequence, performed by incarcerated people in solitary confinement. It is the co-creation of choreography between incarcerated people and those on the outside.
It is periodic performance of this choreography for audiences, danced by professional dancers and formerly incarcerated people. It is the teaching and reimagining of choreography created in confinement, through workshops in prisons, juvenile detention centers, universities, public schools, and more. 

View the full zine here. 
Learn more about Dances For Solidarity here.