Press Bio

Caits Meissner is the author of the hybrid poetry book Let It Die Hungry (The Operating System, 2016), and The Letter All Your Friends Have Written You (Well&Often, 2012), co-written with poet Tishon Woolcock. Her work has won multiple awards and fellowships, and is widely published or forthcoming in many literary journals including The Literary Review, Narrative, Adroit, Public Pool, and The Offing. Multidisciplinary by nature, Caits experiments with writing's relationship to illustrations and sound."Fresh, honest and loving," Erykah Badu called Caits' blend of poetry and music, naming her, "a delicate heart like mine." With a long history in community arts, Caits currently facilities creative writing in prisons, public school, and at CUNY and The New School University. She is excited to be writing with ReEmergent Theatre’s first production, a company in collaboration with people emerging from prison. You can find her using her book as a good excuse to offer free writing workshops and collaborative readings at jails, prisons and reentry programs across the United States on The Humans That We Are Prison Poetry Tour. She is an MFA candidate at City College of New York.