"Caits Meissner is a powerful force of nature. As an educator she has an uncanny ability to connect her audiences, classes, and participants not only to their own work and inner voice, but to each other as well. Her work is a reflection of her spirit: rigorous, loving, genuine and thought-inspiring. The results are always the same, a profound experience that produces life lessons, life revelations and astoundingly powerful work!"

— Mikal Lee, Program Director, Urban Word NYC

"Caits dares us to care and care about every minute of breath we’re allotted with poems that incise and lay bare the universe and our place in it, her here and ours, our shared hope for the world and all that undergirds it."

— Marty McConnell, Award-Winning Poet and Founder of VoxFerus

"Her potential is limitless."

— Okayplayer.com

"She is undeniably a brilliant storyteller. However, what makes Caits so unique is her uncanny ability to create beautiful spaces that encourage people to discover and share their inner storyteller, too!"

— Alicia Jean-Noel, Adult Programs Manager, Brooklyn Museum

"Two parts sweetness + three parts fire, add water for flow then stir and we get Caits, a thirst quenching concoction of creative power. Caits has an amazing ability to move, touch and inspire via her writing, performance and presentation. She’s a student’s dream teacher, a coach who can help others transform their lives and a gift to humanity."

— Toni Blackman, U.S. Artist Ambassador

"One word: Brilliance. So apparent Caits’ intentional, powerful, delicate work in making sure we are not growing only language but people. Centering vulnerability and modeling it, then inviting others to do same — it’s rare you see that type of scaffolding in the creative heart education realm."

— Mark Gonzales, Social Entrepreneur & Impact Speaker

"Caits Meissner is a profoundly talented and inspired facilitator who has the rare ability to light a fire in the hearts and minds of educators. Her workshops are rich and dynamic in a way that reconnects teachers with the “Wow!” of both teaching and learning, providing them with the creative tools, resources, and support to transform their practice and reignite their spark."

— Allison Milewski, Founder, PhotoForward

"Caits. This woman has altered my life in entirety. Thank God for summer school, because I luckily placed in her poetry class for my 3 week session, and boy was I excited to express all the things I felt I had to say. Caits is my definition of a hero and the epitome of accomplishment. She is Poet, she is Diary, she is Confidant, she is Friend, and she is Live."

— Charles Prophet, Former High School Student

"I have to tell you that Caits Meissner is stunning. Her words speak to something central in my sensory memory. I feel everything in every inch. I know exactly what she means and wish I said it like that too. It’s so clear and so clean and so crisp and so amazingly magnificent."

— Bassy Ikpi, Award-Winning Poet & Founder, The Siwe Project


"Caits Meissner is melodic words of wisdom streetjazzoetry."

— Doodlebug of Digable Planets, Hip Hop Artist

"Caits changes the air and facilitates a kind of magic. She turns a regular classroom into a buzzing studio space that cultivates authentic expression and rigorous craft. When I have watched her treat young people with her specific blend of accuracy, compassion, and professionalism, I see them grow taller and I hear their poetry grow more brave." 

— Sara Primo, English Teacher, Germantown Friends School