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It's Not (Always) All About Me: 5 Ways Engaging Self Work Can Change the World

Working my way through this tunnel of life full of questions and how to hold our people – from violence enacted, from violence against self – I recently asked my Mother why so many are medicated, what’s the deal? I always thought it a big conspiracy from the pharmaceutical companies.

“Have you looked at our world?” She said.

It was rhetorical. With the Internet’s omnipresence, with globalization, with this website, it is clear that we have the ability to see much more than ever before in history. The exhaustive nature of our current press is enough to make anyone with an empathetic lean dip over the edge. This past weekend I huddled together with eight women, most over the age of 50, of varying backgrounds to talk about the term poetic healing. None a stranger to art as a driving political force, and a profound social justice tool, each woman expounded on the critical need to create these spaces of refuge, refueling and relief.

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