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The Scarlet Fox Letter Press Salon

The Scarlet Fox Letter Press Salon
Friday, October 23, 2015 @ 8PM
Secret location, Brooklyn, NY

I'll be sharing a set of brand new work (terrifying!) at this secret location salon in Brooklyn. Here is what the ladies behind the magic say about the night:

"This is our Speakeasy themed salon!  We are using "the 20s" and "Jazz" as a point of inspiration for dress - please come in costume! (feathers, bow ties, twisted mustaches, and gloves are all encouraged!) As all of our Fox's have a deep passion for art, community and the very process of creating, we have woven such elements into and throughout the evening. There will be riddles, prompts, and artist-making to be discovered in all nooks of the space."

Fun? Hell yes. And you've gotta RSVP for the address/password to the venue.
You can do so on their Facebook page.