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Digging Deep Facing Self 2014 Malaysia Tour

A 12-day engagement-based education & writing tour introducing Caits Meissner & the methods in her Digging Deep Facing Self 30-day online writing course via passive, active & proactive approaches. It is specifically curated tour focusing heavily on imparting introspection & narrative building into the writing process via workshops, both targeted & public. The 12-day tour takes Caits through a series of workshops, poetry gigs, performances, public appearances & a dialogue across KL (6 days), Melaka (2 days) & Penang (days). Some of these content will be private & targeted while others will be public. All content will be free. During this period, Caits will be directly engaging 3 different communities & also 3 distinct demographics separately to spread reconciliation with self & narratives as meaningful methods to healing, growth & writing.This community project is brought to you with assistance from our esteemed & distinguished partners US Embassy, KL, Cufica, Poetry Cafe KL and Bluebricks.